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Welcome to LaserTag.com

LaserTag.com is the home of Helios Laser Tag, the newest line of equipment from Zone Laser Tag!

Click the image on the left to see in 60 seconds why more customers choose Zone Laser Tag over any other supplier in North America.

With over 26 years of experience, we are the longest laser tag supplier in the world, and our operators are among some of the most experienced and successful this industry has to offer. We want to add YOU to that list of operators.

For a free downloadable guide to our products, click here or Contact Us for more information.


Helios Laser Tag is sure to take the industry by storm! A great product at a great price with plenty of features to keep players coming back for more. If you're interested in getting into the laser tag industry, then take a look at the company that's placing more systems than any of our competitors.


The Helios Laser Tag System is bright, vibrant, exciting, versatile, affordable, and reliable. The video to the right showcases players using the equipment in an arena. Want to know more about our exciting Helios system? Then CLICK HERE for details or CONTACT US for more information.

Helios Laser Tag in Action!

Profitable Options

Helios has a variety of money making add-ons. From targets to memberships, enhancing the game experience has never been easier!

Ease of Use Software

We designed the HELIOS software to be user friendly and intuitive. Using a touch screen monitor, staff can change any parameter with the touch of a finger.

Where to Play

Ever wonder where to play laser tag in your area? Search our worldwide database of locations to find your center.