Zone Laser Tag was started over 25 years ago and has grown into the world’s largest laser tag company. With multiple corporate stores around the world, we truly understand how to create memorable and successful laser tag attractions.

The need for an immersive environment is paramount to the success of the laser tag attraction. When customers play laser tag, they want to be transported to an alternate world. We understand the importance of creating this experience, and can offer help with your project on creating an exciting guest experience that starts with their immersion into the arena. One of the best ways to create this experience is through a second level mezzanine.

In the beginning days of laser tag, the industry standard was single level arenas with no height dynamic being offered. We started to build two level arenas in the 90s with great success. We saw a value in adding more square footage to the arena, without paying for more square footage on your lease. The mezzanine gives the arena another dimension: players will enjoy having a playing field that offers dynamic play. The second level needs to compliment the first and this is where our experience in arena design comes in.

We have helped design and build numerous arenas around the world and understand the most important part: playability. There are arenas in the world that are themed and look amazing, but lack pliability which hurts the overall game experience for the guest. Our experience in arena design will help insure that your arena plays as well as it looks. This will allow you to build a facility that generates excitement as well as money. Along with arena design, the facility layout is also important to the overall flow of the business.

We assist over 35 operators per year in the United States open successful laser tag attractions. This is done by offering information on the proper facility layout to incorporate. From the Kitchen to the Bathrooms, we can help look over the architectural plans and give guidance on the flow of the business. We are glad to share this knowledge with you which are invaluable in the starting of your business.

Zone Laser Tag has been the premier supplier of laser tag equipment for over 25 years, and we believe that the playability and layout of your arena is paramount to your success. When you see the smiles on your guest’s faces, you will know that the equipment and arena are seamless and the profitability of your location will grow.