DMX Lighting


LightingSmallDMX512 has always been the way to light up the atmospheric experience of your game arena. Now Zone’s Helios platform removes the need for expensive lighting engineers with our built-in PLUG and PLAY technology.

Simply choose from our many lighting options to suit your location, set an address according to the manual, and away it goes pre-programmed to operate in all our Helios Game formats. We’ve even simplified the wiring to function over Ethernet cable, further reducing installation times and costs.


DMX Interface Box


The DMX Interface Box is your key to dynamic lighting, sounds, fog/smoke, and other effects in your laser tag arena. Chain your effects to create a sensational experience for your customers! All of our Helios devices can be set up to be controlled through your DMX Interface Box. It’s easy to set up and manage for you and your staff, should you need to adjust any settings.

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