Best Price Financing


heliosguy2Zone Laser Tag makes it easy to purchase a HELIOS laser tag system through a variety of payment options.  The following are available to those clients that meet certain credit criteria:

This option provides an immediate 5% discount off the list price before negotiations even begin.

Purchase Premier consists of:

- 50% Deposit at time of contract
- 40% payment before shipment of equipment
- 10% final payment due approximately 30 days after installation

We are committed to providing the lowest possible price for our clients using Purchase Premier.

Just how good are the savings?
Most manufacturers will offer a 5% discount, but our Purchase Premier discount averages 10%.

Client must meet the Zone Credit Criteria.

For more information on our financing program, please contact one of our sales representatives at: 866-966-3797.

Learn more about our Pay Per Play Financing

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For more information, you can download our Pricing Guide or call us at 866-966-3797.