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The Helios PRO Vest is designed to be comfortable, durable, reliable, and versatile to every player that puts the vest on. The jacket style vest is highly appreciated by players of all genders and body types. The lightweight design also allows for smaller players to particpate without discomfort.

Helios VestFeatures


Below are the features and benefits of using the Helios PRO laser tag vest:



Helios packs incorporate surface mount technology leading to exceptionally small space requirements for the sensor and light areas on the vest and phaser. This enables the Helios product to be incredibly low profile. By using the some of the space savings from reducing the circuit board height, the material thickness of the plastic covers has been increased which will inevitably lead to a more durable product. All this and more has been achieved while saving on weight, the new Helios pack and phaser is over 2lbs lighter than any previous equipment produced by the Zone group.

4 Vivid Team Colors

The Helios Laser Tag equipment can have up to 4 teams and can light up in vivid colors, which are Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Check out our video below to see the colors in motion.


Self Diagnostic Report

AlertLevel2The HELIOS packs conduct a self-diagnostic sweep periodically. The owner or manager can request a self diagnostic report using the game handheld android device at their conveniece.


Automatically check every LED, speaker, sensor, charger, cable and much more. Failures are reported as critical - to be fixed immediately - or manageable with all the information uploaded to our support servers for analysis, so that when you call our 24 hour support we know exactly what’s going on.

Our Helios Pro laser tag systems are incredibly easy to maintain as any internal component is hot-swappable, meaning you just open the plastics, pull out any board or part that may be malfunctioning and then replace it with a new board from your spare parts kit. No soldering required! Then you just send us the broken parts back and we'll replace them for your spare parts kit. 


no soldering

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