Go-Karts & Bumper Car Partners


What goes so well with HELIOS laser tag?  Go-karts and Spin Zone! 

AP logo 2015The premier go-kart manufacturer in North America is Amusement Products, based in Chattanooga, TN.  Amusement Products has been in business since 1960 and has developed a world class reputation for their products.

Go-Karts, both gas powered and electric power, generate a substantial revenue stream for almost any family entertainment center.  Space and budget are always a concern adn the experts at Amusement Products can help develop a plan for your facility.

For smaller footprints, Amusement Products also offers Spin Zone! an indoor bumper car attraction that ranges from 600-1500 sq. ft.  Many Zone Laser Tag operators have installed a Spin Zone! with fantastic results.

Contact Gary Arvedon at Amusement Products to get the latest catalog.  His phone number is 423-892-7264 ext. 110 or 732-851-4070.