HELIOS laser tag has more quality options to enhance the laser game experience than any of our competitors. Check out our exciting, innovative devices and software available to our HELIOS and HELIOS PRO clients below.



Memberships offer the ability to challenge and reward your most experienced players with a host of options and abilities not offered to the regular walk-in customer. 

Membership software allows your members to view their progress and game history over a period of time. You can generate reports and award seasonal prices based on your members performance.

Video Enhanced BasesVEB

Our Video Enhanced Bases (VEB's) are another incredible option to add to your Helios or Helios PRO laser tag systems. Designed to connect to the bases in your arena, the VEB's are programmed to give real time feedback and information to the status of the bases and game at the time.

This unique item creates an immersive experience that will set you apart from all the lower end laser tag competitors in your market.

Zone Arena Targets


Check out our new multicolor, multifunction, Zone Arena Targets for Helios Pro that are placed near your bases for a variety of points and power ups depending on what color the targets are flashing. This brings more versatility and options to your laser tag game.

To see our video and what the targets can do, click here.

zonegate img

Zone Gates

Our Zone Gates are designed to add more arena interactivity by offering more opportunities for team or player control. You can create different layout changes in the arena using our Zone Gates.  Zone Gates bring added lights, sounds, and excitement for your game formats.

To see our video and what the Zone Gates can do, click here.

PickupPadsPick-Up Pads

Our Helios Pick-Up Pads are brilliantly lit zones located throughout the laser tag arena that dispense power-ups and can be used as game objectives to make your arena even more interactive.

You can learn more about our Helios Pick-Up Pads here. 

gamestationimageGame Stations

Our Helios Game Stations are devices attached to walls in your arena and recognize when players approach, giving game options such as power ups and unique abilities. You can even tie the Game Stations to your educational programs to reward players based on pre-designed questions. Game Stations are a Helios Pro only option.


Player Kiosks

The Helios Player Kiosk is a fantastic way for you to gather information about your players for your marketing purposes while also providing an electronic waiver for each player to sign.  The player will register their name, address, email infomration, date of birth and all that data will be used by your facility to market future promotions.

This is ideal for locations that are not running the incredible Zone Laser Tag Membership option.




Used to re-energize packs during game play, these devices can help in designing game formats for team building and corporate events. Energizers also help eliminate problems with players staying in one spot for too long as they will have to re-energize once they have run out of shots or activations. 

These are great if you are running a retro '90's style laser tag game or emulating today's hottest first-person shooter and you need respawn points. 



Interactive device that can tag back at players during the game. Laser Tag Mines add a whole new level to excitement as players have to guard themselves against both foe and environment!

Android Devices for Technology


With the advent of Android, installing expensive and often large Windows PCs are over. Today the Android TV boxes can support a huge range of operating needs, thus reducing your expenditure and installation costs allowing you to bring out the most in your location. Click here to learn more!

Our Helios Membership System and Achievements can let your players compete against players worldwide!

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