Facility Competition

AngelicaErickNexusArena22Laser Tag, as an attraction, has become a serious player in the family entertainment industry. Many cities are beginning to have several laser tag attractions within them and competition has never been greater. The type and scale of these attractions allow them to compete both directly and indirectly while still maintaining profitablility.

Some cities may have laser tag as main attractions or side attractions, in the case of many FEC's and bowling locations. This allows the stand alone laser tag locations to do well while bowling and FEC operators still generate revenue from participants and those waiting on other primary attractions.

Laser Quest/Versent is the industry's largest corporate owner of laser tag facilities in the world. LQ/Versent strategically goes into specifically populated areas and builds laser tag facilities. As a whole, LQ/Versent avoids direct competition with any medium-end or high-end system.

riftgirl3The Future of the Laser Tag Industry

Laser tag, as an industry, has been growing steadily without seeing a decline in locations since 2004. Even with a recession taking effect in 2008, operator’s sales and industry numbers continues to grow. With the right theme, the right marketing, the right staff training, the right facility maintenance, and the right basic business principles, there is still plenty of money to be made in laser tag throughout the country.

It was believed for many years that cities with over 250,000 in population could only sustain a very few number of facilities in the area. The industry is now discovering that many markets are capable of sustaining many more facilities in a given area based on demand and attraction diversity.

It should be noted that Zone Laser Tag is starting to notice more laser tag facilities being constructed in towns with a population base of as little as 35,000 year-round residents. It maystill be early to determine if this both viable and economically rewarding.