How to Bring in Corporate Business

corp1When you open your doors and hang your shingle out for business it is easy with a very small amount of publicity to fill your place with plenty of customers eager to spend their hard earned money. But, as time moves on, you will find that good customer service and a good product will do well for you, but that some revenue streams, especially Corporate Business, require a little extra effort. Many sites struggle with Corporate Business, but you will find the profit is worth the time and effort! While there are a number of ways to increase your corporate sales, I will focus on three key ways to get the ball rolling.

Creating the Right Package
The most common error facilities make is not having a real corporate package. Often I have found that a facility will simply offer a group package beefed up with pizza or other extras. This mistake is easy to remedy with a little thought.

The target market for corporate events is, in general, middle management. Middle management tends to be in the 30-50 year olds range. As such, they are not as young as they once were and do not grasp the "complexities" of a laser tag game as easily as a pre-adolescent or a teenager does. Adults in this age range tend to want to "overcomplicate" items -- creating a much more complex situation than is truly necessary.

It is wise that every corporate event should start with a solo warm-up game 5 minutes in length. This is done for a couple of reasons. It gives the guests time to become familiar with the equipment as well as the arena. It allows the participants the ability to warm up and loosen their muscles in a cardiovascular event. By creating a solo event, it also takes any and all pressures off of the first team event by giving everyone a chance to laugh and enjoy the game.

Once the solo games are completed, the corporate event transcends into a series of ten minute team games. Said team games start very basic, but each progressive game adds a new feature for the teams to overcome. Three games are common, some groups may play more. Decide best how to tailor your system to make this possible.

corp2In Store Marketing
In-store marketing is a critical element to successful corporate programming. There is a correlation between locations with successful corporate program and the presence of great in-store marketing. Marketing in the store is achieved in several fashions utilizing flyers, posters, and art.

Creating flyers for any aspect of your business just makes good sense -- you can't sell what you don't promote. A corporate flyer should take a bit of time to develop. Some thought should be given to the layout and verbiage so as to entice prospects into making a decision. Your flyer may be the only item that the potential customer will take from the store and it needs to be a quality selling piece.

Posters can be very low-cost yet effective mediums for capturing attention. They typically are larger than 2 feet (1.2 meters) by 3 feet (2 meters) and should be placed in a prominent position at the facility that the adults will view. Waiting rooms and party rooms are wonderful locations for these types of posters, but consider any high adult traffic area to be a great location, especially any area where adults will sit down and relax for any length of time.

Art  is a low-cost yet highly effective medium of advertising. All customers sitting or standing in the lobby or foyer cannot help but notice these painted billboards on the wall. These are typically situated higher than the standard line-of-sight.

Internet Marketing
If your facility does not have a website, or even worse, if it has a poorly designed website, you are losing money!!! You are intentionally discarding one of the best sources for corporate business.

Joining the local Chamber of Commerce can be a great way to partner and get the word out about your facility. Offering a discount to Chamber members is also another great benefit that can yeild results. Once you've joined the Chamber, ask that a link to your website be placed on their website to draw traffic to your facility.

Never make the customer call for pricing or place a statement like "Call for prices on Corporate Events" or "We offer a Team Building Package, as well as a Stress Relief Package. Call Bob at 555-5555." If you have created a section on your website promoting Corporate Events, and someone clicks on that link, it means that they are interested in Corporate Packages. Give them what they want.

corp3Your potential customers should be able to print out the information so that they may be able to make a decision. If they are truly interested they will call your location. If they are not interested they won't waste your time. You will be able to get some other task completed that will actually help the store increase sales if you are not fielding numerous unqualified calls. Further, by having your corporate packages and pricing listed on your website, the facility will look more professional and more capable of hosting the desired event.

How do you get people to go to your website? Place your URL (website address) on all of your literature, business cards, telephone book advertising, radio & cable spots, etc. Volunteer the web address to prospective customers when they call into the location.

The other element of website marketing is having a valid responsive e-mail address. This allows the facility to receive and to respond to e-mail requests for more information regarding corporate events. It is vital that you to respond to any and all e-mail requests within 24 hours of receipt because e-mail is perceived as a quick medium for communication. Try and respond immediately if at all possible. It is amazing the reaction that you can receive if you are quick to follow up.

To sum up, the above items are just a few ways to steer Corporate Business to your store. As always, great customer service and "Wow!" will keep them coming back again and again. Corporations are loyal and willing to spend money to keep their staff happy: tap into this profit center right and it will treat you right for the life of your business!