resourcesZone Laser Tag is dedicated to providing additional resources to its customers no matter where they are in their development or oprational status.

SteviePicFinancing Options

For the developing client, we offer a variety of financing options so that you can start making money off of your equipment and have it paid off in a matter of months rather than trying to pay for the equipment entirely up front.

Operations Materials & Resources

Zone offers a wide variety of resources for their operators to achieve success. From marketing and operational manuals to an online editable marketing kit, to royalty free music and briefing videos. Zone also travels to do site visits and offers training sites for new or struggling operators to learn best practices from the best in the industry.

Research Articles

Also for great reading material for both operators and developers, we offer our research articles that we've put together to assist operators from making terrible and revenue wasting decisions. From waivers to 'the $100,000 mistake' to dividing your laser tag arena and more, learn from other people's decisions to increase your chances at success.

News Section

Keep up to date with our openings and events going on throughout the industry with our Zone Laser Tag News section. Find out why operators are getting into laser tag and why they keep choosing Zone over the competition.